I love candles because I find them therapeutic especially during the winter when it’s dark and cold outside. They make everything brighter, provide a gorgeous light and smell lovely. Before bed I love Neom’s tranquillity candle to calm me down.


Tea is great, well I wouldn’t be from the UK if I didn’t think that! I seem to collect tea and there’re nothing better than curling up and drinking a nice cup of tea. My favourite tea maker is Dr Stuart as I think it really does make me feel healthier. Their bedtime Valerian tea is especially great.

Good bedlinen

I love clean white sheets. It’s honestly one of life’s greatest pleasures getting into a freshly made bed. One of my favourite brands for this is John Lewis as their bedsheets are good quality and comfy.

Comfy clothes

I love wearing comfy but fashionable clothes. I especially love clothes that are good quality and last. One of my favourite shops this is Whistles. The fact that these clothes don’t break easily and last keep me feeling good and allow me to concentrate on other things.

Good food

Good food is so important as it helps us feel better and keep healthy. It’s hard to be happy if you are sick or ill. I adore Jamie Oliver’s recipes as I trust him as a chef and his meals are good for you. If I’m eating out I love restaurants with lots of vegetables like Farmacy and Planet Organic.


Sleep is so important in keeping happy and healthy. I always feel a lot better when I’ve had eight hours of sleep. My top tip for getting a good night sleep is eyemasks as keeping everything dark helps produce more melatonin which turn helps us to sleep.


I love travelling as it make me feel happy. One of my favourite places I’ve been to is Green Farm Fitness. It’s a gorgeous boutique fitness weekend in the country with amazing food and a sauna and spa.

Giving back

One of the best things to do when your cup is overwhelming with happiness is to give back. I work with a charity called BeyondMe which allows you to get together in a team and to pick a charity that you give your money and your time to. I think it’s such a great idea as I see how I’m helping my chose charity ECPAT UK.

Home Décor

I love making my space look cosy and nice. It makes me feel so much happier when I have a nice environment I really feel as though I start to soak up my surroundings. A positive and tidy environment makes for a positive and tidy mind. One of my favourite places for Home décor inspiration and pieces is the White Company


Looking good helps us to feel good. I really enjoy taking care of myself and using natural products. Often non-designer branded beauty goods tend to be of better quality than designer products. I love Emma Hardie cleansing balm and origins moisturiser as these products work wonders for my skin and aren’t too harsh.


I love taking photos and displaying them in places where I see them as they remind me of all of the important people in my life and all of my special moments. I tend to use my camera phone to capture images and display the photos I’ve taken in frames from the White Company.


I love reading I could put in a whole section on book recommendations. I love hearing about others stories. As I have so many favourite books I’ll write out my favourite bookstores instead. I love Foyles as they have a great range of books and I also love Waterstones purely because they have pretty much everything!


Looking at flowers is proven to make you feel happier. I love Bloomon, which is a home delivery flower service for their amazing selection. I also love going to Columbia road flower market and looking at all of their flowers.


Meditation always makes me feel better even though I sometimes find it a bit of a struggle to take the time out of my day but it does really help me to engage in the moment. I use an app called Headspace and try to meditate each day. It makes me feel healthier and so much more positive. There really are so many benefits.

My Rules for Life

Be cool

Be nice

Be interested

Ask questions

Be grateful

Be willing to work really hard

Listen (really listen)

Love and then love some more

Lots of love,

Happily Hygge xx