Photography – Learn how to take great photos on your phone camera!

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I’ve been meaning to write this post about photography for a while. Hygge is all about learning new things and spending fun times with friends. Photography is a great skill to develop and a way to have fun with friends.

While in Sydney we were lucky enough to have a lesson with the amazing Alfonso Calero. If you are ever in Sydney, I highly recommend you reach out to him. His classes are rated number 2 out of all group workshops and classes in Sydney which speaks for itself.

So here are seven tips I’ve picked up on how to take great photos.

1 Dominance
In most great images one object or person is the most important element. Everything else only adds to the picture. Try playing around with the picture and adding different textures and shapes to the photo.

2 Repetition
Repetition helps to create a story in the image. It involves using similar objects over and over again in the same group of pictures or image.

3 Line
Take a look at your favourite landscape. Chances are there will be some form of leading line that drags your eyes into or around the photo. The type of line you include also affects the mood of the image.

4 Texture
Texture refers to how something looks or feels. It is best to avoid harsh and direct light as this can create an odd texture.

05 Tone
Tone is a critical tool in composition. Our eyes are naturally drawn to brighter tones, and this has a strong influence on the way we see images. More colorful highlight near the edge of the picture will draw our eyes away from the centre of the picture.

06 Taking great ‘foody’ photos
The secret is light! Make sure you’re situated near a window. To reflect the light, you can also use a piece of kitchen foil or tin foil. Place the food or the item in between the window and tin foil. Either take the photo at a birds eye view or tilted slightly to the side.

07 Editing photos
As important as the taking of the photo is the editing of the picture. There are lots of great apps to help with this. My favourite is snapseed it allows you to adjust the tone of the picture through various tools. It also allows you to change the exposure of the photo, crop the photo and to add text.

I also love VSCO and Facetune. VSCO also allows you to modify the tone of your pictures. Facetune is great as you can whiten different parts of your image and also smooth and patch blemishes on people or lanscapes.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and happy photo taking!