Sorting out Scandi Style

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One of the greatest joys in life is having organised, clean and tidy. Imagine waking up and knowing exactly where everything is. There’s no mad rush to find your keys and your clothes are all clean and are items that you wear!

Keeping things clean and organised have more benefits than just saving time. It’s also proven to reduce stress and save money.

So I’ve talked about the benefits, more time, more money and more happiness. So here are a couple of steps to keep things spick and span.

First of all start with clothes. These are the easiest things to accumulate and also the easiest things to get rid of. Put everything on your bed, and that includes everything all your clothes in your wardrobe, drawers and from the floor!

Then go through everything and work out if you’ve worn it in the last six months and if you’ll wear it again. Be honest with yourself, and if you’re hesitating, then you don’t need to keep it. Take all the things you aren’t keeping then put them outside your room.

After doing this clean out your wardrobe and chest of drawers before putting your clothes back. As you’re sorting through your clothes, check and see if any of them need fixing.

Then go through and sort your clothes that you no longer need, If any of them are worth anything then sell them on e-bay or dpop. It tends to be recognised designers that sell well. Low brand t-shirts are probably the hardest thing to sell. Anything you can’t sell then take to a charity shop. Take your clothes that need fixing to a repair shop. Keeps the items you are selling in a suitcase or storage box to keep them out of the way.

With Electronics, papers and papers we tend to keep these things longer than necessary, think your old phone or the warranty from you alarm clock that you don’t have anymore.

Take out all your papers, electronics and books and put them on your bed. First, go through your books, DVD’s and CDs do you still like them, will you read them again or in the words of Marie Kondo do they “spark joy”. If your books don’t spark joy, then take them to a book exchange or charity shop. I also love selling old books and DVDs on We buy books. We buy books an app that you download, and you can use to scan barcodes of items. It then tells you how much they are worth. We buy books will even come to your house to pick up your items!

Next, go through your electronics. Work out which electronics you don’t want to keep and throw away old chargers. I tend not to sell old electronics for data security reasons. You can rid of old laptops and phones by hammering a nail through the hard drive. This will stop people stealing your data. Then recycle your devices old parts.

With papers anything you don’t need discard. In the words of Baz Luhrmann throw away old bank statements but keep old love letters. Get a clean, clear folder to store your documents. Then put things away.

Have a look at sentimental objects. Do these objects bring you joy? If not then get rid of them. Sort these objects in a clean box so that you can find them easily.

One of my favourite things to sort is make-up and beauty products. These tend to get dirty easily, so I love giving them a good clean, so they are nice to use again! Anything that is over six months old you should bin as these products don’t last long.

Finally and perhaps most importantly do a digital clean up. Go through and delete all music, photos and videos that you don’t like. Have a look through documents and work out if you still need them. If not then delete them. Go through your e-mails using a mass unsubscribe to choose and pick newsletters you no longer want to receive; my favourite is Sanebox. Work out if you can improve your filing system and finally ensure all your devices are backed up.

I promise you you’ll feel so much better once you’ve done this. You can’t improve your life if you’re existing life is already full.

For more information, please see The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and The Life-Changing Magic of not giving a F**k by Sarah Knight.